Sunday, August 22, 2010

Interview with Flamingoes400!

Remember the winner of the 'Think Sporty' contest? Well her is her interview!
Q1. How did you find out about Stardoll?
first of all,thank you so much! im sooo happy i won. :)A1:My friend,mochapink13,had one,and begged me to get one. So i looked around on her account,and decided that it looked fun. I am so happy I decided to get one, because SD is soo much fun :)

Q2. Flamingoes400 is sorta a random username, how did you think of it?
A2: lol, i know. you do not know how many people have commented on that(; .i just like flamingos, and i was blanking on anything other than that.(:

Q3. How long have you been reading SDF?
A3: probably, about maybe 5 months...? just an estimate

Q4. What would you call your fashion style?
A4: Probably girly, edgy, and cute

Q5. Is your medoll inspired by someone?
no, not really. just my style.

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