Thursday, August 19, 2010

I was thinking, it's hard trying to get good clothes on stardoll at a decent price, so I've made a competition to hopefully inspire people on good outfits :) The idea is:
Make a *cute* outfit using clothes from stardoll, but, the total cost must be 15 stardollars or under!!! Then, make a tinypic with your entry on and give the link in the comments. Simpless :)
Top tips for cheap outfits
Dresses can be good- it's cheaper to buy an 8sd dress than it is to buy a 5sd top and 5sd jeans
The least visited shops are often actually the cheapest
Be open towards experimentation- some items of clothing look better together than you might think they would
Prize is yet to be revealed
Closing date is August 25th: look out for round two!
If you have any questions, ask!
Good luck!

Ems9070/Emilllyy! xx


  1. Username: x-Dani-Harmer-x

  2. username : RenesmeeEB
    Entry :

  3. username - Whilelmina96


  4. guys, thats not the link, i realised the top wasnt counted cause i owned it. THIS is the link:

    im very sorry for the inconvenience.