Tuesday, August 24, 2010

heyy guys i have a few new updates, mostly things to watch out for as you can see in the picture below there is a dress woah your soo observant nah jokes lol but at first you look at it and think ok non-super star $10 not to bad but then you go to try it on and notice that its actually super star... and its definatly not a mix up between the shoes and the dress as the shoes are $7 and super star, does any one actually know the price and whether its super star or not?
also this is kind of old but just in case have you entered miss stardoll world yet?
ok this is also kind of old but i want to know what you think of the newish identitee tops...
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which tee do you like the best?

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which ones do you think were the real cover girls?

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now if your wondering what this is i was feeling bored and decided to do some covergirl make overs and see if you could tell them apart form the ones i have done so vote above... (please dont cheat)

when i first logged on today i noticed that there were only two most popular things strange but then it changed when i reloaded the page... anyone else have the same thing happen?
now i know that this is also old news but i realised the other day that no one had posted this months play and earn trophy so here it is...
now when i was looking at the Ramadan calander ( yep im kinda behinde with it but anyway) it said that what appeared to be two pink laps were olives?

one other weird thing stardoll is still advertising the red panda and that was months ago!

bye bye
tiger_evie_624 =]

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