Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Helloz *madi309*

Hey Guys :) Don't 4get that the contest ends tomorrow *if u need extra time tell me but only by one day* There isn't really anything new on stardoll except for the new identee shirts,the item of the day is suite stormy weather window,there is a 50% sale off for superstars in the starplaza,the covergirl for today is Jukeboxer http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=38428489 , and something super weird....
When i tried to go to one of my best friends on my list,it took me to some dude named miken o.o and apparently,its been happening to A LOT of people here are some comments in his guestbook: O________O'''''' am sure i clicked on a girl? o.o....xD wow lmao. mowam_
??? why i click on UvaGirls and i comes here?? who are youu? stardoll.heart
HACKER! Every time I go to someone's page YOU'RE HERE. ! rockonxoxo1259
Oh and here is a hacker that wrote on his page :P :Hey I make presentations and would you like one? I can do it for you.Just message me what you want on it and include your pass.(: kristidalton Yeah but that seems like a hacker to me >.<>< So okay bye guys Cya tomorrow♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  1. Ellie B here. I do presentations and I am not a hacker. :p