Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hey,33Superman here. Is it just me or has the shop bisou gotten very popular lately? I've always been a great fan of this shop but it seems lots of their clothes are being star buys etc. I've put together some amazing outfits from bisou so you'll see and maybe if your not a bisou shopper,you'll become one:) (note: i have a very indivual distinctive style that some people may not agree with)

At the moment,i'm loving bisou. Its where all my Stardollars go,haha.Now in the Spotlight today,03 of August 2010.

Todays Pick of the Day,is the L'Occitane Ducheese De Mourney Eyeshadow in 03 pink. This is definetly a great pick of the day as the collection is really popular lately. but thats just my opinion, whats yours?

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20:24 03/Aug/2010.

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