Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free stuff!

Free clothes:


Go to this proxy server : and at the URL bar paste this : ! Log in to stardoll and then paste this link at the URL bar above : http://www.stardoll/en/contest/finish.php?id=531 ! You'll have it in your suite!




Free Basket with apples :

To get this basket go to this proxy : and at the URL bar write : ! Log in and paste this link at the URL bar above : !You'll have it in your suite!



  1. I get apples but i dont get clothes =( I want skirt

  2. How do u get the clothes?? Please tell me in my gb! My account is Avril17754.

  3. I'm so sorry u can't get the clothes becuase I spelled contest wrong!Now you can try again becuase I'm going to correct it!

  4. We can't get clothes, when I past link in the bar & press enter it says:
    invalid domain name: www.stardoll -- invalid tld

  5. how do i get dis stuff....????????????????????