Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Dress! And Moore..

This Post Is From MissChelz97

To get Avril Lavigne's Forbidden Rose dress and perfume in your suite just go ot and then type in and log in
JCP may start to play so just change it to Avril Forbidden Rose xx

Ellie and Chelsea xx :)
Also, If you haven't got the Moster High Blazer or the JCP Teen top if you click on their videos you can get them aswell.


  1. Um...I dont think you should use that proxy site >.< i tried it and mcafee said its a site for hackers so that they can steal your information

  2. i get perfume, but not dress

  3. Damn
    Im Changing My Pass :L

  4. are there anymore proxies? cus, im with madi309, mcafree said is a site for hackers, please tell me, its worth dying for (for me!) anyway, add me! maggie_cutie_10!

  5. I dnt kno wat to do I love avril lavigne....Dnt want to get hacked emm i'll change my pass straight away:)