Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fashion From All Over The World

I have decided on a new idea that is both fun and educating for all of us girls.
Each time i will post the traditional clothing of one country. That way you will know how each country dresses and some fun facts about it, so if in the future you visit that country and decide to dress like them just out if respect it wont be hard :)
Today Its Spain!!

The traditional Spanish clothing was widely known for elegance, austerity, rigidity, and superb decoration.
Its a veil worn over the head and shoulders. Its usually worn in religious celebrations in spain.

Its a large comb used to hold the Mantilla.

Its similar to a vest though could be knee-length.

And last but not least, The Flamenco Dresses which probably all of you guys know about.
Flamenco costumes usually come in red, black, white, navy blue or any other dark color.

A Fact: Mothers in Spain wear black dresses to their daughters weddings to express the grief they feel with their daughters departure.

I hope you guys liked my idea and think its useful...tell me your thoughts and which country would you like me to write about next time ;)


  1. hey cool idea...i love it and btw will u write abt India in ur next post? You can ask me for help cuz i'm an Indian

  2. What a good idea!Maybe you can do Romania?It has beautyful costumes!!

  3. well sure i will contact you guys for help :) glad you liked the idea..tell more people about it please, this is the link:
    thanks :)

  4. Good blog, super idea !
    France please !