Friday, August 13, 2010

Covergirl banner !

oh..i was not able to do this banner real nice , because of my ballet competition and practices going on ..that's why it was done in a hurry ..i really am sorry for it :( but hope you like it <3
it will be in each of my posts for a week! if i have nothing to post then also i'll post it!!! :)
Covergirl's link : To vote x-dani-harmer-x covergirl , or visit her suite click here.
see ya




  1. its not fair! dani is already a writer you shouldve given me the covergirl since i was runner up

  2. sorry :( the above anonymous comment , i couldn't do that .. it was supposed to be according the votes..:) and gabrielle got the highest! sorry again..]:

  3. I was just entering! I didn't expect to win! :(