Saturday, August 14, 2010

Clothes, Clothes and more Clothes.


Woop! Before we get onto the large amount of clothes we are getting, please vote which color my background for my banner should be!
Im thinking green, grey, pink, purple or bluee...Vote any colour you want! :)
Its just temporary as a white one for the moment but i HOPE to get something in the background and the words to stand out more :D
SO vote in comments!!

Okay this is my faveorite new bag, i love IT. Its called  the Chainlink Black Pattern Tote From Bisou $8 i am definatly going to buy it (when you visit me - BeckyPecky you can see my bag and shoe collection! Lol!) to add to my rather large collection ;)

I think Stardoll are releasing TONS of new brands and clothes, etc for us this summer. We have LUXE, Sunny Bunny and tribute stoes. As well as IdentiTEE and the Splash Swimwear store, i have to say i think Antidote and SuperSupreme seem to have taken over LE this summer but no doubt that LE will be back soon. (Though i cant belive Antidote is still available, though most items are sold out)

The only thing to make it better would be to add another make-up store thats a real brand like Channel AND another hair dye collection for us! We could do with a multi colored one or something :D

Sorry for the long post :D

Becky xo

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