Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You can be a Superstar!

I discover that when you sign up for a new medoll, SD will give you a 1 day trial of superstar membership in the 3rd day after you signed up. It is great for people who haven't been a superstar. You can buy superstar stuff, broadcasting and design clothes. Just try. There are some tips if you sign up:
  • before u sign up, you have to pick a style , just pick the one that have make up on the face (u can zoom it to see clearly)

  • (but becareful when u clean ur face, the make up will lost forever)

  • stardoll will give you 20 dollars in the first 3 day, just save the dollars. then in the 3rd day, u have a SS membership trial for 24 hours, you can buy more ss things as you have saved money.



  1. Um...this was posted on this blog already. I'm pretty sure everyone already knows that. It's why there's so many stupid broadcasts and bad Stardesigns cycling.

  2. already posted, sozzz