Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SDF Spotlight: Miss_LolitaF

This weeks spotlight is a fabulous collector and blog owner: Miss_LolitaF

When did you join Stardoll? 

How did you decide to start collecting? 

Well the time I joined all were collecting so I followed the croud and here I am today :)

What is your favorite item you've collected? 

Ashley Leather Jacket

How do you know if an item is a rare? 

I kinda am good only for DKNY, MKARC for others not much.

Where do you find the rares that you get? 

Buy from people selling them.

How did you decide to start a blog? 

I have a big history with blogs, my 1st ever blog was opened for 2 months and during all 2 months has only 8 followers while now, WOW 1130 and more.

What was the first blog you started?

Lolita's Blog

What is your favorite thing to post about on your blogs? 
Competitions :)

What is your advice for collectors or stardolls trying to start blogs? 

Try to spend less and collect more and do comps, they make the blog more unique.

Miss_LolitaF also has been covergirl before and owns/co-owns

xoxo, ginnycee