Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Writer !

Hi everyone ! Its Ursha or _manja_19_ from Stardoll . I am going to write for this blog now . I love Stardoll Fanatic and now , I'm a part of it ! Hope you will like to read my posts . I am from Slovenia so I am online differen't times that other are . I am also running my own blog . If you wanna know the name , just visit my page (its in my presentation) . I know its not nice to write a name of the other blog on this one . Maybe I'll post it once , if ginycee will allow me to . Thats enough about me and my blog now . Let's get on with posts . I am going to write about alot of things . About tips on stardoll , free items ... Or anything else ginycee will ask for .

Thats it ! Thank-you !

xoxo, Ursheei .

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