Sunday, July 4, 2010

My designs!!

(Click on it to view better)

Was feeling really bored so thought of putting my designs on stadoll!My designs are really cool ;)
But unfortunately i can't buy them as i am non-ss but you can see them!
My first design is a hello kitty, second one hearts i'll not lie but i have copied the hearts from crystalsjoy (probably the best heart designer ) then the yin design ,then lady gaga , then pucca bear then LE
I love them !
I wanted to post tutorials on how to make them but something has gone wrong with my computer's uploading
software , so i have to first upload images on tinypic then here....
When everything's alright then i 'll post them they're easy to make..Well whats your fave?
tell me!
see ya



  1. they are shit no one would buy them if they were fucking free

  2. Some people need to learn some common decency! I like the heart design top and the pucca one too :D

  3. Don't listen to the person above, they are GREAT! I love the heart design. Keep up the good work.

  4. wow who ever is the chick must be a scaredycat:) because she put ananymous without a name but ily flickerwings dont forget that stardoll fanatic will be nothing without you
    -fairylove25(add me!!!)

  5. You are my friend and i love ya!

  6. they are not sooo cool like you say.You are thinkink about you to good.

  7. these designs are fucking lame. Go Away. Stardoll Fanatic would be NOTHING without ginnycee

  8. People who are jealous of you, will talk bitter things about you, the designs are ofcourse no doubt superb, keep it up...flickerwings please give us some ideas from where you get these kind of prints, i hope fanatic helps me

  9. WOW hot design girls
    that looked fab
    i think that this website/blog is awesome