Friday, July 23, 2010

Ginny's Corner

High fashion for non-superstars.


Visor: Fudge 2SD
Top: Fudge 2SD
Shorts: Fudge 5SD
Leg Warmers: Fudge 5SD
Shoes: Fudge 5SD
Bracelet: Voile 2SD

Date Night

Top: Bisou 5SD
Belt: Stardoll 2SD
Skirt: Basics 5SD
Shoes: Fallen Angel 5SD


Vest: Rio 5SD
Top: Fallen Angel 4SD
Shorts: Rio 4SD
Shoes: Bisou 5SD

Top: Rio 5SD
Belt: Rio 3SD
Shorts: Pretty in Pink 4SD
Shoes: Rio 5SD
Business Casual

Top: Pretty in Pink 5SD
Necklace: Stardoll 1SD
Skirt: Stardoll 7SD
Bag: Bisou 5SD
Shoes: Bisou 5SD

Cash Posh

Tank: Kohls 10SD
Sweater: Stardoll 5SD
Shorts: Stardoll 8SD
Shoes: Rio 5SD

Trendy Fab

Vest: Bisou 5SD
Shirt: Bisou 4SD
Skirt: Stardoll 5SD
Shoes: Bisou 5SD

xoxo, ginnycee


  1. were u covagirl? and they are pretty cheap thx for giving us stardoll addicts inspiration
    vist me deejaye_man

  2. Wow! I love yourr style and I'm going to follow yuur blog it's amazing. Good ideas as well. Please follow mine as well, i'm a bit new to the whole "blog" thing so I need people to support me thanks. x