Saturday, July 17, 2010

Free cat and dog!

Thanks to dreamer, who commented on one of the posts.

►Free Dog [available only if you haven't got the cat before]
1)Go to UK proxy site like OR
2)In the blank link box of proxy sign into stardoll then Copy and Paste this:
3)Click Go or Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Click on dog [DON'T CLICK ON CAT, You will be able to get it other way]
Dog now should be in your suite next to waredrobe [:

►Free Cat
1)Go to this link to get it in your starplaza dresser
2)Buy it for 0sd [:
It will be next to your waredrobe

PS. You can get more than one cat [:
If you want more, buy the cat, and then click this link again [:

xoxo, ginnycee


  1. OMG this is so copy of my post from my blog :S

  2. Sorry ;P
    I copied it from the stardollinsiders website ;P
    Hope you forgive me ...

  3. does this actually work