Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This might just be the biggest thing of the summer....


Where there's a contest for everyone, and a chance for everyone to shine! Each contest will have you create something, take a print screen of it, and send it to ginnycee.stardoll@gmail.com

You can participate in as many or as few contests as you want! All entries will be posted on the blog and judged by viewers! Be sure to send in your creation ASAP because the deadline is soon. Here are your fabulous options!

For those Stardoll DESIGNERS

Your task is to make your best stardesign recreation of the Pucci dress to the right. You do not have to buy your design, but simply take a screenshot of it in the design room. Best recreation of the print will win!

For those Stardoll GRAPHIC DESIGNERS

Your task is to make your best photoshop recreation of this floral LF dress. You must create your own stardoll hair in this recreation too. The best graphic will win!

For those Stardoll MAKEUP ARTISTS

Your task is to create a very unique and colorful makeup look. If you use a real life look to inspire your stardoll look, please send me a picture of that look to! The best and most colorful look will win!

For those Stardoll ALBUM FANATICS

Your task is to make a 3 page Album magazine called Fanatic! It can include whatever you want to include about Stardoll Fanatic, and Stardoll fashion. The best Mag will win!

For those Stardoll DIY PEEPS

Your task is to create a cute bikini out of suite items. You can make the bikini in your suite or in your album. The best bikini will win!

For those Stardoll FASHIONISTAS

Your task is to pick an article of clothing and center an outfit around it. It must be clear in the outfit the piece of clothing that the outfit is centered around. The best outfit will win, and the article of clothing will be pick of the week!

For those Stardoll HISTORIANS

Take the stardoll test below! Person with the best score wins!



xoxo, ginnycee


  1. I wanna take part!But I can't save the out fit I made at Starplaza as an image...how can I do it?(like the spoilers you post...)please reply soon:)

  2. its really good that you want to participate :)
    Just open the window on which you have made your outfit and then press the printscreen key on your keyboard :D then , go to mspaint , go to the edit option click on the paste option ... save your image and send it to ginnycee.stardoll@gmail.com
    hope it helped!

  3. Thanks you helped so much...Thanks,thanks,thanks:)

  4. I finished my colorful make-up design! http://i28.tinypic.com/11cfjvs.jpg
    I will probably enter 1 or 2 more contests when I have them finished :)

  5. I made two designs!The fist is this:http://ssma5w.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pGHMa1INN_B3LbM35INPwl93zkS0i7a5YxhZd47TeMyxmydqkoltq4vQLNlzwSWNgW3iz6cjXhNqnXIJzYk9OFski9kK0ASHe/for%20Stardollfanatic.png?psid=1 and the second is this:http://cid-0c182c6ee997e8cb.photos.live.com/self.aspx/Random=%5E6/My%20Make-up.png

  6. what do you win ??????

  7. For the historian, i made it several times , but please count only the last one!!!