Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Change already?

Hi :]

Is there some changes already now?

Well first i'm not sure if this is new or it has been like this forver, but if you go toyour suite the url in your adress bar has changed to


that if you buy something in the starplaza how it comes up with a receipt that says Go to Suite or Medoll Editor?

Well instead of Medoll Editor That now says Beauty Parlour.

I hope that is new :]

Bye for now Stardolls :]




  1. OMG I NOTICED THAT TOO! I think they are doing little changes now, and then the BIG one soon!

  2. Woah! Beauty Parlor? Sounds cool, but I'm a bit nervous if they are going to make a huge dramatic change.

  3. I noticed that too when I was buying braclets!

    I think their just changing the name of the medoll editor.

  4. startpage is really weird now!!! i dont know if its part of the changes....

  5. No, the wardrobe link isn't new, but the Beauty Parlor thing is! I wonder if they will make it over so it looks more like a beauty parlor? Can't wait to see!

  6. Its for the big change today!!
    I helped to design it,- can't tell you i'ts on the contract- WOW-weird.

    so keep in mind that the new stardoll thing- its going to blow you're mind away. LOL

    PS:LIL note i'm telling stardoll staff about you're club-its pretty neat.

    Have a nice day.