Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bye Guys!

Ok so I thought about it
and I feel like I am not needed
here so this is my fare wale
Bye guys it was an honor working here
I started working here when I was only like
about a month on stardoll
and Now its been 4 wonderful
months I remember my posts when I was non-ss
and now I am more mature and think that my journey
should end here thank you for the support
and the wonderful GB
comments and Friend requests
you are an amazing group of people and I adore you guys for that
Anyway bye guys!


Good Bye!


  1. I'll sure miss your posts:(BYE BYE<3

  2. :'( If you feel you should leave then I guess that is your decision..but we will all miss you!!! Add me Rockin_421....<3 ya!!
    PS PLEASE DONT GO!! :) <3 ya

  3. Bye, wish you luck in life! :-)

  4. u wer mi favrite bloger but i sopos its ur decicion any way bye ill miss you