Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TrendSpotMegaPost: Summer Swimwear!

Hey its ginnycee here! As you may know, I recently held a survey (its still going on!), and from the results so far, it seems like people want to see more stuff for non-superstars :)

So with that introduction, I now introduce you to trendspot, where I bring you cool trends for non-superstars. At the end of the post will be one makeup trend for superstars.

The first trendspotmegapost is on swimwear which is mostly for superstars :( but all of these looks are for non-superstars :)

Enjoy! (and im sorry if some of it looks too much like underwear, it probably is)

Baywatch Look
Simple but Classic
Basics 4SD

Pink 'n Preppy
Top: Pretty in Pink 3SD
Bottoms: Fudge 4SD

On Da Prowl
Top: Rio 3SD
Bottoms: Folk 5SD

Subtle Luai
Top: Fudge 2SD
Bottoms: Rio 3SD

Classy Chic
Top: Pretty in Pink 4SD
Bottoms: Bisou 4SD

Ruffle Rad
Top: Bisou 5SD
Bottoms: Rio 5SD

Sporty Swimalicious 
Top: Fudge 3SD
Bottoms: Pretty in Pink 3SD

Almost Animal
Top: Rio 3SD
Bottoms: Folk 5SD

Bandeau Babe
Top: Rio 4SD
Bottoms: Rio 3SD

Swimmin in Space
Top: Rio 5SD
Bottoms: Bisou 4SD

Makeup Trend: TwO tOnEd
Try using two different colored LipSticks, EyeShadows, Mascaras, or EyeLiners

Don't forget to comment with your favorite outfit!
xoxo, ginnycee