Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Small World

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted a while but I was so busy with school, and now because school's over I'll have plenty of time to write on Stardoll Fanatic. I wanted to tell you that there is a new shop in the suite shop called "Small World", and from there you can buy flags of many countries.

Hugs, CCatalina


  1. hi my stardoll name is matt123mattrrt7 i know a cheat go to the cinema and watch the monster high movie and it will give you a web please can i help with the cheats my email is mgjellybean@hotmail.com

  2. I already posted about that but without a picture. Now people can see the pic anyway :]


  3. someone told me if u send ur user and pass to stardoll.cheats78@yahoo.com the person will make u SS and make u an employee is this true????