Sunday, June 20, 2010

SDF Spotlight: thatgirlsophy

Here's a new stardoll to check out: thatgirlsophy! She creates awesome designs based on real life designs. She also runs her own blog called Stardolls Top Designers.

Me: How did you start designing clothes on stardoll?
thatgirlsophy: i first joined stardoll because of the designing clothes and medoll feature, but i wasn't sure how 2 get started. So i started looking around on the Top Designers List and noticed MissPaprika's suite with her beautiful designs. I thought "wow how does she do that?" Then i started visiting other peoples suites and found madmacmom's designs. This made me realize how much more you can do with stardesign. So i started practicing.

Me: Where do you get your inspiration for designs?
thatgirlsophy: I just look online for the latest fashions. I like to make real brand logos and designs things that i wish were on stardoll.

Me: Do you have any tips for stardoll designers?
thatgirlsophy: Yes ,One. Make designs that you like and would wear yourself. If you won't wear it, then most likely no one else will either

Me: What is your favorite design that you have created?
thatgirlsophy: oh wow i have a few favs i cant pick The Supre tee, Topshop Penguin, Ed Hardy top and Lastest LE Top. Those are my favs because they were the most difficult to make and i was surprised at how well they had came out.
Me: Is there anything else about yourself or your designs that you would like to add?
thatgirlsophy: Sure. Im a really nice person and if your a new designer and want some advice on your latest creations you can ask me in my guestbook and ill be happy to help.
Also, don't forget to check out my blog the "real 2 stardesign" section is a link to ALL my design inspirations. Thanks and have fun yall!

thatgirlsophy also has a fabulous suite and an awesome blog!

Visit Her!
Visit her Blog!


  1. I too have great ideas to create prints, but can you also give a tip on how and from where you really get these prints? please

  2. is WAY better than this blog!! It actually posts USEFUL things that aren't old!! Ginnycee.... Dani Harmer..... >:U

  3. haha i know stardolls top designers IS better than stardoll fanatic
    ill even admit it!!

  4. I like them both, why pick favorites?