Monday, June 21, 2010

New ad on Stardoll?

I was just looking around on Stardoll when I changed the page an ad I had never seen before came up at the side. I have been looking at madmadeleine's blog and she has been asking Stardoll to try and make Google/blogger help to stop the free stardollars offers where people say they will give you 1000 stardollars and stuff if you give me your username and password, etc.

There are many video's on youtube of free stardollar offers and how they say that they can do something really cool if you just give your username and pass to this email except they only work for superstars, is becausr they only want to hack superstar accounts.

Maybe Stardoll is listening as I see this new ad. Madmadeleine says that Stardoll has been trying to warn blogger about this activity but Google is not listening.



  1. no its a really old ad its been there for a while

  2. i saw it like... 6 months ago?

  3. come on guys ! Such an old add !!!!! Can't you find something new ?

  4. no offence, but its really old. first time i saw it was 2 years ago :P

  5. it's an old advert. do you like never go on stardoll or something?!?!?!?!?!