Friday, June 11, 2010

LE? 2 sd?

I was just wandering around on stardoll and look what i found in Miss_lolitaF 's
suite! The famous LE bandage dress in 2 sds!
What a surprise!
Take a look at it-
She is Miss_lolitaF
see ya


  1. She probably just transferred it over from another account/friend or did a trade...Everyone generally does 2sd item transfers between accounts.

  2. whats new about this ?!

  3. Woah I hav never seen dis thing but just 2 tell u dat there is a new monsterhigh gift.just watch da video and ull hav it.da gift is a spider web.
    P.s I'm just givin ya a cheat u cld post.

  4. :O inacreditable
    2 ST's??

  5. You can see alot of this. Mostpeople trade LE for cheap with another item of rare clothing.

  6. I was stupid enough to do it, It went fine with several of clothes. I logged in on my account, put the clothes for sale and then logged out, logged in to my other account and bought the clothes. But when I put my LE clothes for sale 3 other accounts bought them, for 2sd, I've sent them mails that I want to buy them back, but they doesn't answer me. :( It was a pair of shoes a handbag and a t-Shirt. My accounts are s.nilsson and fiia.n.

  7. This dress is special - actually it costs 1sd and it it transfered... Only certain LE customers were able to buy it.

  8. if u r 1 of the first 2 buy it is cheap

  9. wow i totally love this website and the things you post in it if anyone goes on stardoll please add me i am called mermaidmeh20