Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good Buys

These are some good things to buy if you are non-superstar or superstar.

On the left it is superstar items (the one with me wearing the clothes) and on the right is the non superstar (without anybody wearing them).

Superstar items -

top (green with pink bow) Evil Panda, $6

skirt (pink with pink bows) Evil Panda $6

sneakers (multi coloured) Fudge $6

TOTAL = $18 *

($13 stardollars if you use play & earn*)

Non-superstar outfit -

top (blue with cupcake on it) Evil Panda $7

skirt (black ruffled skirt) Pretty & Pink $5

sneakers (grey ones) Fudge $4

TOTAL: $16*

($11 if you use play & earn*)


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