Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A glitch?

As you saw the later post of x-dani-harmer-x
that there is a free hair dye for non superstars yes it is!
you must have seen in the starplaza box "new in starplaza"
there on the second line the dye is.
Look i bought it for 6 sds
even if i am non-ss!
see ya


  1. do ou guys realized that its the same color as the hair color we can changed in our medoll changer or whatever its call! so that a waste of money, !!

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  3. it is there...and they are different colours if you look!

  4. it is for NON- superstars because it is in the me doll editor when you first create the doll like where you want to change skin colors lips and etc. so that is why it is 4 non superstar you don't even have to buy it

  5. You do Realize that you ARE a SuperStar.............Cos of the SUPERSTAR HAIR. SuperStars can change their hair whenever they WANT and they can have ANY hair they want and cos of their StarPoints.