Friday, June 11, 2010

Free Stardoll TV!

If you are from the UK ...just go HERE and join the will be in your suite....

The rest we will need to use a manual proxy to join the club....(How to use a manual proxy? HERE)

1.Log out of Stardoll <----very important step 2. Press Ctrl+Shift+DELETE(at the same time) in Firefox or Chrome... a window will pop up. Be sure that all the boxes are checked and in the "drop down" button be sure that you select.. ALL DAYS...not just 1 or 2 days ago...ALL....and Clear them!!
(In firefox the boxes will be shown when you click "Details)

If you are using Internet Explorer go to Tools
and Find something that says Clear/Delete History or something and click.... then clear ALL of them!!!

3. Set the manual proxy to port 80
OR port 80

After you do that...
. Go to the here :

5.Wait till the page loads(will take a while...).....the
n Log in...wait again the page to a little
(just the video to start)

6.Remove the manual proxy...

Full Credit to Underneath Stardoll



  1. Hi! I found another way to get a TV.

    At first go to ""

    In the url bar you must fill in ""

    Then log in.

    You needn't watch the film about SHREK.

    Then wait some seconds.

    Log out!

    Got to normal stardoll

    Log in..

    And the TV is in your suite!!

    Works for the German ones! The other ones? I dont' know. :(