Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Items!!!

So here are some free items...
You'll see an option
Account settings under your me-doll's face -
Click on it , now when the page appears click on 'account settings'
There your user id must be written ,write it somewhere..maybe a notebook or anything!!
Now enter this url on a new tab- user id)
Now a page will come . Go down and you'll see a box like this-
enter the info. in it.
Now log-in to stardoll!!!
You'll get them!!!

see ya


  1. OMG, thanks! This blog really helps me out :D Hmm, if you guys wanna know, there's a 'new' short on archive that is the same one that have on Evil panda [the red one, you can search it on the shop] - but one is for SS and the other isn't. Hope it helped :D

  2. unfortunately it didnt work for me :(