Saturday, June 19, 2010

Free "Father's Day" Flower!

Ok so as you know Father's day for USA,Canada, and UK is this 20th and as a gift stardoll sent Every user (I think tell me if you got it) a blue flower with a tag attached to it reading "I love dad"
So Guys what do you think? Anyway what are you getting your dad or what did you get him? Anyway hope you guys liked the flower!



  1. so peoplez who are not from USA,Canada,...
    if you want to get just go to one proxy like and write than LOG IN
    that is all

  2. I live in switzerland and i got it :)

  3. i am from the uk and i couldn't get it

  4. i am from USA and i got!
    see ya

  5. i live in belgium andgot it usin the proxy

  6. i didnt gett it): but i dont mind,

    i got him...
    a tea cup that says 'legend'
    a cookery book, rlly nie one
    soap, from this fancy shop
    and a world cup version sound maker [[;