Friday, June 11, 2010

Free "1-Goal" Shirt

Ok so no proxies this time just click this link:
Make sure you are logged onto stardoll when you do this!



  1. I didn't get it :(

  2. omg...At least when you copy the link from another site (* you could just copy the link right !!!!! And all the other posts from you are taken from Underneath..... just give the credit
    *check the site for the real link

  3. Anonymous At least have the guts to say your username and apparently you dont know the real meaning of copy! Copy means when you copy EVER word EVERY pic and EVERY SENTENCE! Did I do that no so please and yes that is the link you just didnt do it correctly please dont blame me for false things.

  4. No, the real link is ... You can't get it with the one you gave us!