Saturday, May 1, 2010

What? A non superstar?

Hey fanatics today i was going through broadcasts and saw something amazing!
A non-superstar had put a broadcast !
You can see the picture-
her face looks like a non-ss but to make it clear that she is a non-ss i went to her suite
and woah!! this is what i saw!!-
See it clearly!! i am not able to understand that how did she broadcast?
well...something must have went wrong...
I am starting my journey today to India !! Hope it would be exciting!!
So here's a message-
So goodbye hope other writers do there work very much nicely!!
see ya


  1. Listen, this is what it saves on stardoll superstar gets 24 hours (as at the beginning ).... But they can not buy at starbaazar. They can only buy the Starplaza, these messages appear at the top, dress up doll is for a superstar, and many others.


  2. Hey..i hope u'll have a awesome time in India...
    bcuz i also live in India.its a beautiful country.

  3. hei i know what is the "problem there"
    nothing its not wrong...look new members have now special privilegies and they become SuperStar for one day ...

  4. yeah today i saw a BC from a non ss aswell!!!

    visit me sonoja

  5. it is a cheat, check out how to get it at:

  6. new members are allowed to be a superstar for one happened to me when i made a new account recently(yamna38).......but when my sister made one she didnot become superstar....i dont know why even though we created new accounts at the same time.

  7. yeh i saw tht it wiz pretty weird i have seen over 5 non ss do it remarkeble huh??

  8. hey r u an indian? i am an indian

  9. Ok this is how they broadcast, first they create an account and after 3 days youll get a mail in your dollmail saying " yo are a superstar today!" actually everyone becomes superstar after 3 days, when they're new on stardoll.

  10. um duh she probably was trying the superstar for a day not to be mean but i was just saying yeahh

  11. Once you make a avaster.. Like 5 days later you get to be a superstar for 24 hours and post broadcats and design clothes and everything.

    There you have it! That is how she did it...

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