Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Makeup, not in the shops yet!

If you go to the Starplaza and search the colour Orange or Purple, there are some make-ups that aren't in the actual makeup store yet!

Credit to CherryEllie 360 :D


  1. Also if yooh Search pink, theres Blue, and purple, and pink!!


  2. No, they are not new Make-up! They are old DOT-make-up that have been taken away from the store. Stardoll just have forgotten to take them away!

    //Sandrajeva on stardoll

  3. sera que vc podia divulgar minhas camisas?
    Eu fasso camisa de time no stardoll.a q vc quizer
    Seleção,times cariocas,paulistas e etc
    é só fazer a encomenda que eu faço??

    Se vc poder dilvulgar eu agradeceria muito,se não tudo bem.vlw!!!

    meu nome no stardoll é misslilithy18