Sunday, May 23, 2010

Free purse and dress!

Hey guys so first of all I would like to say I am truly sorry for not posting school has been kicking my butt for the past few weeks so sorry! Anyway there are 2 free things I am going to mentions :)

Free purse

Step 1. If you are from Germany just click and enter the contest!

step 2. If you are not from Germany go to

step 3. In the blank box paste this into it /finish.php?id=376

step 4. Let the page load then log into stardoll

step 5. In the url bar on that page change "view" into "finish"

Step 6. Go back to regular stardoll and you should find the purse in your suite!

Free Dress

Step 1. If you are from Poland click

Step 2. If you are not from Poland go here

Step 3. Put this into the white url box

Step 4. Wait for the page to load then log in

Step 5. Change the word "view" in the url box to "finish"

Step 6. Go back to regular stardoll the dress should be in a gift box!

~Pinkicefairy, add me


  1. Thank you so much this worked for me! I love your posts!

  2. hi, i noticed while i was on the contest for the purse, it said something about a free despereate houswives outfit? Is there a way to get that outfit??

  3. I can;t get it.... theres no start to finish thing, and theres just a picture of Roses,

  4. well the dress does, not the purse.

  5. just got a flower ?

  6. not work...are you sure that you put the right link?

  7. it does not work :( what shall i do

  8. You had a few spelling mistake, so some people may n ot of noticed and got it wrong,


  9. uhm i can change view to finish then i wait like for a minute then i went back to my normal strdoll it doesnt seem to work
    maybe its only for german citzens??