Monday, May 31, 2010

Free outfit (SS only)

Hey guys first of all I would like to welcome back Flickerwings from her trip to India, I hope it was amazing! Anyway lets move on shall we?

So if you are from Germany just click here
and join the competition

If you are not from Germany follow the steps bellow

1. Go to this proxy

2. In the blank url bar on that page type in

3. Let the page load and log in

4. Now that you have logged in either enter the competition or change the word "view" to "finish"

5. Go back to regular stardoll your gift should be in your suite :)


  1. oh sjit, how i wish i could get that outfit :( i love it, but i'm not ss

  2. great even free stuff are ss only right now. awesome!

  3. Hey i from india but i live in the netherlands
    its great my stardoll account is blumill

  4. oh great more free stuff just for ss how amazing lets see stardoll top that next thing u know ss will be getting free stardollars or idk free cars or something

  5. dont be tight UPGRADE !!

  6. it doesnt let me and i am ss

  7. On stardoll they have non-superstar hair color!! It's 6 stardollers!

  8. This is great, thank you for the free outfit.
    And as for non ss not getting as much. Uprade to superstar! $5.95 for one month. And for a limited time 11.95(or something like that) for three whole months. If you dont like the fact that there's more for superstars, upgrade or dont use stardoll at all.

  9. we just have bigger necessities than throwing our money for stuff that we don't actually even need.

  10. It didn't let me get this, darn. =(