Monday, May 10, 2010

Free Bikini!

Ok so first of all I am so sorry for not posting I have been so busy with exams and even though I can go on stardoll I dont have the time to come and post so sorry! :)

Anyway the new harajuku bikini has been RELEASED, yes guys you can get it now!
So if you like in the UK just click here but remember to be logged in! Then go to your suite and you should find it there in a blue bag!

If you are not from the UK follow the steps bellow and you should get it!

1). Go to

2). In the blank url bar on that page paste this in it

3). Log in

4). Click on " Go to get gift" and then wait a minute or 2

5). Go back to regular stardoll and you should find the gift in your site!

I hope you like your gift!

~Pinkicefairy (Add me, Talk to me)


  1. i love your blog !!!!!!!!!!! and i am italian

  2. I am Italian too!

  3. add me im called TwilightTabzFun, Thankyou xoxo