Friday, May 14, 2010

Free Big Time Ruch T-shirt!!!

If you are from the UK ...just go HERE and join the will be in your suite....

The rest we will need to use a manual proxy to join the club....(How to use a manual proxy? HERE)

1.Log out of Stardoll <----very important step 2. Press Ctrl+Shift+DELETE(at the same time) in Firefox or Chrome... a window will pop up. Be sure that all the boxes are checked and in the "drop down" button be sure that you select.. ALL DAYS...not just 1 or 2 days ago...ALL....and Clear them!!
(In firefox the boxes will be shown when you click "Details)

If you are using Internet Explorer go to Tools
and Find something that says Clear/Delete History or something and click.... then clear ALL of them!!!

3. Set the manual proxy to port 8080

After you do that...
. Go to the club :

5.Wait till the page loads(will take a while...).....the
n Log in...wait again the page to load

6.Remove the manual proxy....and join the club

(YOU HAVE TO BE's very slow...)

Login and join the club....turn off the proxy....the t-shirt will be in your suite!!!
full credit to Underneath Stardoll!

~ Pinkicefairy (Add me, Talk to me)


  1. Would this be harmful to your computer if you can't change it back ?

  2. Hi again lol... I keep trying to join this club and the camp rock club but it won't work plzzz helpp!!

  3. We must to do all this ?????????? Sorry but i have long history ...........