Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stardoll Superstar....Recycle?

Toady when I entered Stardoll I wanted to rearrange my suite, so I went there. Do you remember the icons on the bottom right of your suite? Now there is a new one called "RECYCLE". To do it drag an object that you want to recycle on the "RECYCLE" icon. From now on Superstars can recycle things from their suits and earn 1sd a day. It is not to much, but hope that this will change and they'll give us more and that it will be for non-Superstars, too.

Hugs, Ccatalina

P.S: Something strange happened to me: I dragged an object on the icon and it said that I'm not a Superstar, etc. etc. than the object disappeared. I looked for it everywhere but I can't find it. Please tell me if it happens to you too. \


  1. http://stardoll-free-for-everyone.blogspot.com/

  2. i mean its good that they want us to recycle cause we dont use alot of stuff

  3. Hey !, Great site !
    i wanted u to know that it happened to me too, i dragged something into the bin, and hit 'Cancel' and the item dissapeared.
    It happened 2 times.
    I quess it doesnt work how it should work yet?
    since its new???
    Again; Great Site :DDd