Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some technical fault again..

Just was  hopping around on stardoll and saw a girls suite named - jopie3.
you can see the technical fault by yourself in this photo , no need to explain.
in her suite her face is appearing different and on the other photo its looking different...
and on her info its written that "last seen: 20 months ago"
that means 1 year 8 months ago!
i dont know why stardoll is not deleting these accounts..
Apart from this they deleted Bella_la_swan account and she had in my opinion the most wonderful suite on earth her suite is not available now as stardoll has deleted her account but i got all the photos of her rooms on google images they are-
click on the photo to view it bigger.
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see ya


  1. omg she had the most wonderful suite !!!! why is stardoll deleting her account??
    i love her hair btw

  2. actually there isn't a mistake.the medoll were like that when it first created then she have changed it.i know it because a had the same problems when i created fake accounts.u can see:
    dis is one of them

  3. How did she get her hair like that?