Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sephora Petition (Thanx to 101shantell)

So I saw one of the comments under the "Free water and Water balloon" post and it said that there was this cool petition that you could sign to maybe bring back Sephora! If you want to sign it click here and sign it! I hope stardoll actually brings Sephora back but since their contact did end its very unlikely my biggest hope is for them to at least release non-ss makeup!


  1. IM 101shantell on stardoll.
    I did Not Make the Sephora Petition .I found it the person who made it was Lou238 but I loked on stardoll for he or she but they was not on stardoll so he or she desevers the thanks.
    So for the record im just spreading the word for the petition

  2. But thank you for spreading the word about the petition I own you guys one !