Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Last Day To Enter The Contest!

Remember the SCARY AND SEXY IN SPRING contest? (if not look in the older posts of the blog). Well, not so many people entered the contest but I have to give the promised prize to the winner. Today it's the last day when you can enter the contest. Tomorrow I'll analyse all the entries and in at least 4 days I'll announce the winner! Please enter the contest! The prizes are 2 gifts and an interview on the blog. Please enter!
Good luck to all of you!

Hugs, Ccatalina

P.S.: Even writers of the blog can enter the contest. And if you can't find the post all you have to do it to make an outfit according to the theme SCARY AND SEXY IN SPRING, print screen it and tell me to see your print screen of the outfit giving me the link to the photo in this post's comments or in my guestbook, or if you don't know how tell me to take a look at your suite (don't change the outfit today) in this post's comments or in my guestbook. Good luck!

An example of outfit:

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