Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interview with the winner of the contest : mileyoo453

It took a while to think at the questions for the winner but I finality made it and mileyoo453 was so kind and answered at them in such a short time. So, here is the interview:

1) Why did you decided to enter our competition?
I just wanted to give it a try because you never know you might win competition like this.

2) What was your reaction when you found out that you won our competition?
It was a shock really I never thought I would win the competition.

3) So, let’s talk about fashion… How can you describe your style?
I would describe myself as crazy, fun and chic.

4) Are you a fashion addicted?
Yes, I am a little bit addicted to fashion but not so much

5) Do you like clothes from known fashion designer or you like clothes from big fabrics or handmade by you?
I like mix and matching my own clothes and be a bit creative.

6) Did stardoll help you to improve your style?
Stardoll did an amazing job,and it help me to improve and express my unique style.

7) How much time do you usually spend on stardoll? Why so much / so little?
I spent mostly 1hr on stardoll

8) Do you usually try in real life to find clothes like on stardoll?
Well in stardoll you can find anything you want but in real life I find quite hard to find clothes like in stardoll.

9) If you’d be a famous person, what would you like to do?
I would love to be an famous artist and sell my art work around the world.

10) Is charity one of the things you spend your time with? Why / why not?
I would like to give a half a percent of money to charity and help those who are unfortunate.

11) Do you usually care what other people say to you as an insult? Why / why not?
I usually don't really care about what people say bad things about me, because everyone is different.

12) Is your mom an influence for your style?
No, not really because I am more influence by celebrities on magazine or t.v.

13) What tricks do you usually use to have more fun on stardoll?
I don't spent money on expensive brands on stardoll, because I usually buy few pieces of items and mix and match.

14) Do you play on other internet games such as IMVU, Second Life, Gaia Online,
etc.? Why / why not?

I usually go on in roiworld, ourworld and supersecret.

15) What stardoll blogs do you usually read? Why?
I read most on free stuff blogs because they are quicker way to save your sds.

16) Why do you think this blogs are useful?
Blogs are very important because it is good to know what are the lastest news on

17) Would you like to be a writer on one of this kind of blogs? Why / why not?
I am not so sure because I am not good been writer very much.

18) How do you think a blog writer’s day is like?
I think they'll be really happy, and the more gossip and news you get the more you'll be good at been a blogger.

19) Do you think you can handle a duty like this? Why / why not?
I don't know ,because I am too busy at school and home.

20) In the end…. Are you happy you answered to these questions and will you enter
our future competitions?

I am really happy to answer anything and in future I will try to enter competitions like this.

So, here it is the interview with the winner and keep on eye on the blog because I have an idea of a new contest where almost everyone will win a prize!


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  1. oh congra mileyboo! u r realli lucky! mmm...can i get a writer job here plz?