Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm back!

Hello everyone! (:

Remember me? It's Emma and she's back!:D

I think i owe you an explenation why i left... Firstly i simply could not juggle school and stardoll so i had to quit stardoll for a while... and secondly is that i couldn't take the bullying anymore. I was sevearly cyber bullied and i just couldn't take it anymore. I was dedicated so much to the blog and yet people still managed to be mean and heartless,

but enough of that, I'm back and even though some people may not like it, i am here to stay:)!

In fact lets celebrate with a quick competition(:!

Dress up your medoll in this latest HB:

Both Superstars and NON-Superstars can take part and the prize is a 10sd furniture gift from me!

Write in MY (Pinkrocker001) guestbook if you would like to enter. Be creative!

Superstars can either choose to buy or not buy this item but if you buy it please leave it on your medoll until a day later past the end of competition date.

Non-superstars must take a print screen of their outfit in the changing room (remember you can use make-up!!) and upload it onto tinypic and send the link in my gb!

If you find some difficulty in print screening and uploading onto tinypic please tell me in THESE comments and i will do a tuturiol since i am planning to do these competitions quite often(:


Much love and until next time my monsters,




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  1. Hey..i signed ur guest book. but whn i enterd d URL of pic it jst turn into "***" well.i'm gulistan_anwar
    and this my me-doll.