Saturday, April 10, 2010


!!! This time,it is CherryEllie360 (my sister)who hs gotten hacked! The hacker spent 26 stardollars but nothing else. If you find out who it is please help us!


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  1. I got hacked before, i had 1200 stardollars! But when i got my acc back,only 14 stardollars. I hate hackers, I tried sending a message to stardoll but they ignored me. I got my acc back, because I was friends with the hacker pretending she wasnt the hacker, and it was her sisiter, so everyonce in a while, when her 'sister' spent almost all of my stardollars, she would give me the pass back, but then she somehow hacks it again! I'll try helping you get your sister's acc back but I dont know what to do to help :( I read in one site that prevents hacking, theres this thing called... 'User ID' you can find in my account, do you have the user ID? Also, when you confirm your adress, you get this message right? Look for 'I want to confirm a different adress' ...I hope this helped! ♥