Monday, April 5, 2010

Free water and waterballoon!

Credits to The stardoll insiders
So if you are from Poland all you have to do is log in and you should find them in your suite! So I asked my aunt (she is from Poland) what they do on Easter she said that on Easter people just throw water at eachother! lol it's a tradition and still goes on today anway... to get it just use one of these polish proxies
and type this into the box

log in and then go to regular stardoll and it should be in your suite! Remember if you have any problems while doing this please leave your username below and I will try to help you! :)


  1. go to

    this is a petion to bring back make- up for non superstars
    please sing the petition

  2. :'( im babybutterfly-x it wont workk !!! :( xx

  3. i am and also XOXEMESXOX on stardoll and it won't work!!!!