Friday, April 9, 2010

Free Dear John Bag and Pop princess Shirt!

So if you are from the UK just click here for the free Dear John bag and for the free shirt click here !
So if you want to get the free Pop Princess shirt hurry because only the first 10,000 people that enter will get it!
Pop Princess shirt
1)For the shirt you have to use a UK proxy so just use one of the proxies listed below

2)Now in that empty url box on the proxy home page (Sometimes there are to boxes a white google search box and a url box make sure its the url one!)type in

3)Once you are on that page log in and fill out the form only if you want to and then click "enter competion"
For the free Dear John bag just use the same proxy you used for the Pop
Princess Shirt and paste this into the box
1)Once you are on that page log in and let it load remember you DONT have to watch the video just let the page load!
Now go back to regular stardoll you should find both gifts in your suite!
~Pinkicefairy (Add me on stardoll and talk to me in my GB I dont bite lol)


  1. You know anything about the Harajuku Lovers treasure hunt?

  2. no i have never heard about it what is it about?

  3. There was a sign in my suite saying that the treasure hunt begins soon or something like that, and when i clicked on it it took me to the club site, but it just said that you can't join the club right now

  4. it didn't work :(