Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spoiler dresses released!

Ok so three of the Spoiler dresses have been released at Starplaza as usual they are SS :(

There are also some other new things such as the

Stardoll girls- Mustard Leggings 3$ Non-SS( I might buy them but not with the matching vest!)

Stardoll girls- Mustard vest 4$ Non-SS(Lets just say you will never see me wearing that!)

Bisou- Draped cape JKT SS 9$ (Whats up with Stardoll and yellow today!)
And one Hotbuy!

Pretty in pink- Hot buys Dot Vest 10$ SS (Very cute too bad I'm not SS but if I found it on sale in real life I would punch someone for it lol)

So for all you lucky and I mean lucky.. yes I'm talking about you SS (I want that vest!)

Go check out those dresses and see what you think !


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