Monday, March 8, 2010



Sequin Print Dresssequin print dress. I'd rate it 7/10.

Fabric Feather Tunic Dressfabric feather tunic dress. 7.5/10.

All Over Sequin Blazerall over sequin blazer. 6.8/10.

Twisted Lace uptwisted lace up! Gorgeous! 8.9/10

Metallic Wrap Beltmetallic wrap belt. 8.5/10. I'd actually wear something like that.

Gemstone Classic Baggemstone classic bag. Ergh. Not my cup of tea. 6.7/10

I'm too lazy to get all the prices. It's hot, and I'm sweating like MAD.

I haven't had a chance to introduce myself! :D

My name is Talia. My Stardoll account is x4c1dx

Pleasseee visit me! :D Join my clubs, comment on my album, guestbook, etc.

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