Sunday, March 7, 2010

Month's free things

First, there is a free salamander. Stardoll cares about Endangered Species, so every month you can have a free animal. All you have to do is to go to and adopt the animal. You can go there every month and adopt other animal.

Second, there is a free bouquet of flowers for Polish members. If you are not a Polish member, fallow this steps to get it.

1) Use a polish proxy server

Such as:

2) Copy and paste this link into the blank URL box:

(If you are from Poland you can just go to this link)

3) Log into Stardoll

4) Either do the competition (answering random answers) or change the link to

5) You will find the flowers in your suite.

Third, there is a free Hannah Montana Director’s Chair if you follow these instructions. You will also get the free shirt and clapper board if you don’t have it. Fallow this steps:

1) Use a UK proxy like or

2) Paste the link in the URL box.

3) Log into Stardoll

4) Click Contests&Gifts

Go to your suite and you will see it somewhere on the right of your closet. If you can’t find it, move some of your furniture around.

If you are from the UK then just go to the link

Hugs, Ccatalina


  1. hey do u know that you can change ur nationality on stardoll? starpoint---> usr account--->nationality then u put ur pw and voila!
    hope this is useful

  2. Hey please visit me and join my club and oh how do you become ss?

  3. thanks they both worked

  4. i got the hannah shirt and the clip board thnx but i really wish that i could get te hannah skirt 2!!