Saturday, March 6, 2010

Introducing Myself! :) by LoveYouBig/Tor

Hey Peoples.

Hahaha. Hey there! My name is Victoria, but everyone calls me Tor! On Stardoll I go by the username of LoveYouBig. I have been an avid user on Stardoll for a little while now, but have been SS for only a few months.

I am going to be 14 years young in April, and I live in Canada. My passion is to Ballroom and Latin dance. I am an honors student at school, and I am probably the most excitable, randomest, craziest, twitchiest, kid you will ever meet. ;)

I have just recently been accepted to post on this blog, and I promise to share the best information possible! :) Also, feel free to check out my Suite and add me as a friend on Stardoll!

Expect more soon... :)

- Tor :)

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