Sunday, March 7, 2010

Free gift!

Update: ok so if you have received a "You look great" sign as a gift already from another user then you wont get this gift so if you have received it already as a gift and entered pls tell me in the comments what u got instead!
Thanx to The stardoll insiders for the update!

Ok there is a new contest on stardoll where all you have to do is Dress up Mary Wollstonecraft!
When you dress her up you will get a "You look great" gift! All participants get this gift so go and enter! Here is the link to the contest:



  1. by the way go to then go to and log in.Go to how to train ur dragon helmet. Then choose one of the 2 dragons. THen by going to the cinema you can get a free shield. Each week there will be new gifts including a skirt. Plz visit me on stardoll and just go to mrs.esther

  2. i didnt work for me :(